Operations – Building & Grounds

Plants & Flowers
Little River’s grounds include some cultivated plants and flowers and within the church building there are plants that need occasional care, such as watering, weeding, and pruning.  Volunteers are welcome to help care for the indoor or the outdoor plants. 
Skills needed: Interest in gardening. 
Time required: Up to 1 hour per week, but part time assistance is welcome.

“This ‘Ol Church” Work Days
Twice a year the Trustees have a “This ‘Ol Church” (TOC) work day and encourage members to help with light jobs such as raking or blowing leaves, picking up litter, or trimming bushes or, inside the building, minor painting jobs, straightening storage closets, deep cleaning selected areas, or minor equipment repairs. 
Skills needed: Willingness to help maintain the church building and grounds.  Most tasks do not require specific skills. 
Time required: TOC work days are typically 3 to 4 hours long; however participation for part of that time is welcome.

Maintenance Tasks
Volunteers are occasionally needed for minor maintenance tasks, of a “honey do” nature in the church, such as:

  • Minor building or equipment maintenance
    Yard work
    Room painting

Many of these can be accomplished at times convenient for the individual doing the work.  The church provides some tools for these tasks.  The church either provides materials or reimburses for their purchase.
Skills needed: Ability to perform do-it-yourself tasks typical of a homeowner. 
Time required: Variable, dependent on the specific task.

Small Building or Carpentry Projects
Volunteers are occasionally needed for minor building or carpentry projects (e.g. bookcases, storage shelves) at the church.

Want to participate or want more info?
Send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the church office at 703-978-3060.