Operations – Church Office & Computers

Assist in Church Office

Routine Clerical Assistance
On-call volunteers are needed for occasional assistance (e.g., making and collating copies, stuffing envelopes, etc) in times of heavy workload. 
Skills needed: No particular clerical skills are needed, but only a willingness to help. 
Time required: A few hours very occasionally, during the regular business day.

Computer Data Entry
A limited number of volunteers are needed for assistance with data entry into the church’s computerized database. 
Skills needed: Basic understanding of use of computerized databases is required. Training will be provided on the proprietary database used by Little River UCC. 
Time required: A few hours per month.

Troubleshooting Computer Problems
Occasionally computer hardware or software problems affect church office operations.  Because of the potential impact of such problems, troubleshooting and resolution is high priority.  The church needs a few volunteers, knowledgeable of computer hardware and software issues and their resolution, who can be called to deal with such problems when they occur. 
Skills needed: A working knowledge of computer hardware, network, and software troubleshooting techniques.  A knowledge of Little River’s systems and programs can be developed. 
Time required: Variable.  Usually high priority when needed on short notice.

Building Assistance

Opening and Securing the Church Building
A small number of members of the congregation open and then secure the church building on Sundays.  The opening activity includes unlocking doors and turning on heating/cooling systems, as appropriate, sufficiently early to attain a comfortable temperature for worship and other activities, and generally checking building readiness for Sunday activities.  Securing the building involves securing lights, heating/cooling systems, and doors. 
Time required: Volunteers are welcome to participate on a regular basis or as an occasional substitute.  Less than 1 hour is required for either opening or securing the building.  Training is provided.


Want to participate or want more info?
Send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call the church office at 703-978-3060.