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About Us

Since our founding in 1955, we at Little River United Church of Christ (UCC) have been called by God to celebrate diversity, independent thought, and faithful action. This call led us to become racially integrated in the segregated Virginia of the 1950s. That same call led us in 2001 to become open to and affirming of LGBT folks, including full access to the rites of ordination and marriage. Today, we build on our heritage of proclaiming God’s radically inclusive love to our congregation, neighborhood, and world by nurturing individual and congregational spirituality, serving our community, and advocating for all God’s creatures and creation. We’d love to have you join with us in these sacred tasks!

We gather as Little River United Church of Christ to experience and express the love of God in Jesus Christ. As a community of faith we:

  • • Develop our relationship with God through worship, prayer, education, and fellowship;
  • • Care for and nurture individuals, the community, and the wider world;
  • • Recognize, accept, and celebrate the diversity of all God’s people, and
  • • Build on our church’s history and traditions while adapting to the needs of our time and place.

Conversation On Membership -- New Members
Those who are considering membership in the congregation of Little River UCC are invited to attend two sessions of the Conversation On Membership to be held periodically in two conseutive weeks. Session A deals primarily with Little River UCC while Session B deals primarily with the United Church of Christ. Prospective new members are encouraged to attend both A and B sessions (in any order or time of their choosing) before joining. For additional information, please speak to one of our pastors.

Who Are We at Little River United Church of Christ?
Read the June 2010 Report of the Planning Committee, Little River and the In-Betweens, as well as our 2015 Annual Report.

Endowment Fund Challenge Grant
In 2006 Little River UCC established an endowment fund intended to help underwrite the church's mission in perpetuity.  Once the fund exceeds a prinicipal value of $250,000, it will be able to provide money to support exciting new ministries, outreach to our community and beyond, and capital projects vital to keeping our building and church running.

The fund is now only $16,000 short of its principal goal, and a generous challenge grant aims to help us reach it in time for the 2017 budget.  Between May 1 and September 30, 2016, for every three dollars contributed to the fund the grant will donate an additional dollar, adding up to $4,000 per contribution.  For example, if 40 donors each contributed $300, the grant would add 40 times $100 for a grand total of $16,000, and the target would be reached.

Please consider making your contribution by check payable to LRUCC, with Endowment Fund indicated on the memo line.  Or you can use our online giving service to make a donation by credit card.

For more information, please read our description of the General Endowment Fund, including the purposes to which it can be put.

Thank you.

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